By integrating classical skills with modern technology, D'Arts has built a reputation for creativity and excellence. Dean and Christina Lauzé have been working together in the Arts business for 25 years, completing work for private and corporate clients, municipalities, school districts and occasionally the film industry. With a firm belief that two heads are better than one, Dean and Christina offer a diverse and exciting range of Art mediums and techniques. Perhaps best known for their exceptional mural work, they are also proficient in sculpture, Illustration, Graphic Design, Fine Arts and more.

Dean Lauzé

Owner / Head Artist


Dean is a classically trained, professional multimedia artist. He has been operating a successful Arts company, D’Arts, since 1987.

He has extensive experience with large and small-scale murals, most drawing and painting mediums, printmaking, sculpture and graphic design. For five years he studied at UCFV and was privately mentored by widely renowned artists.

Christina Lauzé

Owner / Artist / CFO


Christina has been co-owner, designer, and artist with D’Arts since 1991. She wears many hats and keeps business running smoothly. She provides her expertise through creative design, solid business plans and has a keen eye for quality control. Her many talents include painting, sculpting and graphic design. Dean proudly refers to Christina as an inspiration and his muse.

Christina has university degrees in Business, Science and Math, and Education and recently obtained her Masters degree.

Joshua Lauzé

Assistant Artist


Josh works for his parents as their talented production assistant. He has a diploma in business, is a versatile artist and is a skilled musician.