Hillcrest Middle School

Hillcrest Floor

When a Middle School decides to revision and focus on their Identity and Sense of Place many discussions ensue. Hillcrest Middle finally landed on their connection to Mundy Park in Coquitlam and Birds were identified as the perfect addition to the Team Colours. When we reached out to Dean Lauze and D’Arts to assist us in designing and creating the vision for our school gym, we could not have dreamed of the miraculous outcome. Dean listened to Our story and his first design mockups of the murals with Mundy Park, team colours and birds blew us away. The colours are vibrant, the images remarkable, stepping into Hillcrest’s gym is considered an experience worth noting. Dean understood our community and captured the essence of all these connections. The final product was nothing short of breathtaking. Many staff, upon seeing it for the first time used the word, ‘Reverence.' Our gym has been transformed into a gathering place. Dean honoured Hillcrest’s journey. Our students, staff and parents are so grateful.
– Laurie Ebenal, Principal