Scott Creek Middle School




Our school has been very involved for the past 4 years working with Dean Lauze and his team to create an updated and beautiful new logo, which became a mural on the front of our building. Our students were fascinated with his transformation of the front of our school and appreciated his openness to questions from them about his work. After that was completed, we worked with Dean to develop a wrap around gym mural that represented our school and its relationship with the environment and the land. Dean and his team worked diligently in full secrecy to create an awe-inspiring atmosphere that brought excitement, pride and even tears to our community when we unveiled his work. Dean is an exceptional artist who is thoughtful, caring and committed to building an inclusive process for all members of our community. He and his team go above and beyond and communicate daily and often. Our school community of students, staff and parents highly recommends Dean Lauze as the best choice for a mural or logo at your site.