Orcas in the City

Vancouver Canucks

The "C-Captains Pod" contained four orcas, each inspired by a Vancouver Canucks captian. They included "The Trev Orca" (For Trevor Lindon), "The Nazzy Orca" (For Marcus Naslund). "The Steamer Orca" (For Hall of Famer, Stan Smyl), and the "Kurtenbach Vintage Orca" (For Vancouvers first captian, The great, Orland Kurtenback).

Bell Mobility Orcas

"Pixel Orca" Sposored by Bell Mobility, reflects our ever-changing technological world. Covered with large pixels of picture elements this techno-savy beast is a pleasure to see.

Bobby Orca

This orca is a tribute to the great Canadian hockey player #4, Bobby Orr. Painted on the orca's tail are the many trophies that Orr earned throughout his career including the Stamnley Cup, The Smythe Trophy, The Norris Trophy and the Calder Trophy.

Mercedes-Benz Orca

Equipped with the famous Mercedes Logo, a racing flag and cool driving shades, this F-1 racing orca is ready to cruise. "Mercedes" is a smart and stylish aquisition.

Big Air Orca

Sporting a leather ski jacket, and a Wall Street snowboard. This Big Air Orca is ready for the slopes in it's Whistler home. This Snowboarding Orca was sponsored by Ron and Samantha Bauer.